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I tried playing the original Diablo a couple of years ago, heard it was quite good. It turned out to be an endless clickfest with no real hook for me, yet I still tried out Diablo 2 afterwards. Diablo 2 was better, probably because it offered actual quests rather than the endless dungeon crawl of the original, though perhaps because I could actually see what I was doing this time and the resolution was better. I still didn’t enjoy it much though, like with the first, the continuous mouse clicking got old after a while.

I was nostalging with a couple of others on IRC and we’d decided to try and multiplay a couple of old games, unfortunately our original choice of DungeonĀ  Keeper didn’t go through (nobody could be bothered setting up IPX), so we went to the next choice: Diablo 2. I was a bit wary of being bogged down in the button mashing again but surprisingly it was rather enjoyable. The addition of co-op with a friend added greatly to the game as we levelled up together and ran away with the hordes at our tails. So much so that I’m considering buying Diablo 3 when it comes out, so long as my fellow men pay up and we can battle the forces of Hell together.